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Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in California

The State of California had over 3,300 fatal car accidents in 2017 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. California roads can be dangerous, as many of them are narrow, hard to maneuver, and carry millions of vehicles every day. Here are the top 5 most dangerous roads in

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How Inverse Condemnation Exclusions Affect Insurance Coverage

Inverse condemnation is a complex law that arises out of the “takings” clause set forth in both federal and state constitutions. The “takings” legal doctrine prohibits private property from being taken for public use by a government without just compensation to the owner. Most insurance companies will not cover any

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What is Considered a Serious Personal Injury?

If you were involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you likely suffered some form of physical injury. Due to your injuries, you may be facing astronomical medical bills, pain and suffering and the inability to return to work and lost wages. If you were involved in a

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Common Causes of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be suffering catastrophic personal injuries. These catastrophic personal injuries can impact a victim’s entire life in either a temporary or permanent way, however, either way these personal injuries will result in serious consequences. Types of Catastrophic Personal Injuries Some

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