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When you need reliable legal counsel for any type of civil legal action in Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach,
or the surrounding areas, the team at McLachlan Law, APC, is ready and able to provide the legal guidance
you need. Our firm offers a full range of legal services for personal injury claims and other civil actions,
whether you intend to settle your legal matter or take it to court. You can trust McLachlan Law, APC,
to provide responsive and compassionate legal counsel throughout the entirety of your legal proceedings.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in civil litigation, Mike McLachlan has successfully handled a wide range
of jury trials and arbitrations in numerous state and federal courts across California and the United States. Our firm is
confident in our ability to successfully navigate some of the most complex civil cases, from personal injury claims with
unclear liability to cases involving multiple defendants and class actions. If you need reliable, experienced, and trustworthy
legal counsel in the Redondo Beach area for any type of civil claim, McLachlan Law, APC, is ready to assist you.

Practice Areas

McLachlan Law serves clients in Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and surrounding areas and handles civil litigation matters including personal injury, business, real estate, class actions, consumer rights, and insurance disputes, among others. Any type of civil litigation has the potential to evolve into an incredibly complex legal battle with substantial damages on the line. When you face this type of situation, the right attorney can mean the difference between a positive outcome and securing the compensation you need or losing your chance of obtaining recovery for your losses.

It is essential to choose a legal representative with solid experience handling cases similar to the one you currently face. At McLachlan Law, APC, our legal team has handled many different types of civil action. We can provide specific answers to the questions you have about your unique civil case in a complimentary case evaluation.

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Attorney McLachlan and his legal team have provided reliable and effective legal counsel for nearly three decades throughout the Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Manhattan Beach areas of California. Our team has deep roots in the local community, and Attorney McLachlan understands the legal issues residents of this area often face. The majority of his practice is devoted to representing the rights of individual consumers. He handles civil litigation matters including personal injury, business, real estate, class actions, consumer rights, insurance disputes, among others. More than half the litigation matters Mr. McLachlan has tried, have been personal injury cases, but he has also tried many other types of cases to verdict. He presently has in excess of one hundred million dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Why Hire McLachlan Law Firm

At McLachlan Law APC we use 25+ years of litigation experience to help resolve our clients’ legal issues and obtain justice on their behalf. We are accessible and there for our clients cases from start to finish. You do not need to worry about the latest developments in your case as our team will provide responsive communication to keep you fully informed as new information becomes available. We’re also available to answer any questions you might have and clarify any misunderstandings you might encounter during your civil proceedings.

Investing in legal representation from McLachlan Law, APC is an investment in security and peace of mind when you face an uncertain legal situation. When we take your case, we will get to know you and your situation so we can fully understand how the legal matter you’re facing is affecting your life. Our goal in every civil case we handle is to maximize our client’s recovery and ensure the most complete compensation possible for their losses.

During the years of our firm’s operation, Attorney McLachlan and the legal professionals at McLachlan Law, APC, have secured more than $100,000,000 in compensation for past clients in settlements and court verdicts. We believe in aggressive representation in all forms of civil litigation our firm handles. Rest assured that when you choose McLachlan Law, APC, as your Redondo Beach civil litigation attorneys, you will have access to a reliable and compassionate team of professionals with the skills and experience to guide you through your case with confidence.

The Benefits of Superior Legal Counsel

When you choose an experienced and reliable legal team like McLachlan Law, APC to handle your civil case, you can approach your legal matter with more confidence and peace of mind. Your attorney can handle your legal affairs and keep you updated on your case while you focus on your recovery. It’s not uncommon for those attempting to navigate civil cases on their own to miss court filing deadlines or make other unintentional procedural errors that can delay or even jeopardize their case. You will not need to worry about these issues when you have a trustworthy and experienced Redondo Beach civil litigation lawyer representing you. Your attorney can handle all the procedural requirements under California state law so your case can unfold as smoothly as possible.

Hiring a reputable and skilled Redondo Beach civil litigation attorney also means a better chance at securing more compensation than you may have managed on your own. An experienced attorney can identify every potential route to compensation open to a civil claim plaintiff. Hiring an attorney as soon as possible can potentially help you avoid a common pitfall experienced by many who have suffered injuries: lowball insurance claims or settlement offers. It’s not uncommon for a party responsible for causing damages or an insurance company to compel an injured victim to accept whatever settlement they offer as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many people do so because of the compounding impact their damages have on their personal finances.

Many people with civil claims for damages also have the opportunity to file insurance claims for compensation as soon as possible but dealing with insurance companies is rarely an easy affair. Hiring an attorney to draft an insurance claim on your behalf immediately strengthens your claim and reduces the chance of unfair pushback or bad faith practices by the insurance carrier. McLachlan Law, APC, is not afraid to negotiate with difficult insurance companies on your behalf.

An experienced Redondo Beach civil litigation lawyer can ensure you are forced into an unacceptable settlement out of desperation. McLachlan Law, APC, can thoroughly review your civil case and help you determine the full scope of the damages you can claim. You can expect an honest interpretation of your case during an initial consultation with the McLachlan Law, APC team.


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The team at McLachlan Law, APC, wants all of our clients and potential clients to understand their legal matters as clearly as possible so they can feel comfortable about the proceedings they face. One of the best ways to assess whether an attorney is a good fit to handle your civil claim is to take advantage of a free consultation offer. McLachlan Law, APC offers free consultations to potential clients in Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the surrounding areas.

During your consultation, you can ask specific questions about your legal situation. It’s not uncommon for people to face legal matters but have misconceptions that lead them astray during the early phases of legal action. We will clarify your situation to the best of our ability and determine whether you have a strong civil case. If so, we will break down the potential damages you could secure from a successful settlement or case verdict.

With twenty-five years of experience in civil litigation, Mike McLachlan has successfully handled a wide range of jury trials and arbitrations in numerous state and federal courts across California and the United States.

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