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Considering how many different types of transactions revolve around real estate, it stands to reason that many times unresolved disputes and disagreements wind up in court. McLachlan Law has extensive experience handling many types of real estate litigation, and has obtained positive outcomes for hundreds of clients in property-related disputes in Hermosa Beach and throughout the surrounding areas.

Common Types of California Real Estate Litigation

Real estate disputes can take a vast number of forms, many of which require legal negotiations or litigation to resolve. Some of the real estate issues we work on include:

  • Disputes between developers, contractors or property owners
  • Disputes between land owners or neighbors over property boundaries, encroachment, nuisance of property damage
  • Buyer-seller disputes (e.g., non-disclosed defects)
  • Disputes with real estate agents or brokers (e.g., errors and omissions, breach of fiduciary duty)
  • Inverse condemnation—when the government takes, uses or damages private property without proper compensation
  • Disputes over clear title and easements
  • Commercial Landlord-tenant disputes

Our Approach

Since the details of every real estate dispute may be unique, we start by listening to the client and determining exactly what went wrong, followed by our own investigation to get the details of the case. Once we have a clear understanding of the dispute and what needs to happen to resolve it, we usually approach the opposing party in an attempt to resolve the dispute short of filing formal lawsuit or arbitration proceeding. If negotiations fail, we move forward with litigation to get you the resolution and compensation you deserve.

McLachlan Law has successfully recovered tens of millions of dollars in real estate disputes over the past twenty four years in Hermosa Beach and the surrounding areas. If you have a real estate dispute you can’t resolve, we’d love to help. Contact our offices today for a free evaluation.

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