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We like to think most businesses operate on the up-and-up, but when a business transaction goes awry and you cannot get the people responsible to do the right thing, you may need to look at legal remedies. With more than two decades of experience in business litigation, attorney McLachlan Law is highly effective passionate about protecting the rights and interests of individuals and consumers by helping to hold businesses accountable.

Common Types of Business Litigation in California

McLachlan Law has successfully litigated many different types of business disputes. Among the most common:

  • Breach of contract — when the abusiness or person fails to live up to the terms of a legally binding agreement
  • Contractor disputes — contractors and property owners regularly have disputes over payment, timing, faulty workmanship
  • Employment disputes — for example, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, etc.
  • Partnershipor Business Dissolution Disputes — when you are a stakeholder in a company and disputes arise with the company or other partners

What Does a Business Litigation Lawyer Do

While we consider the circumstances of each case individually, our approach to business litigation generally follows a similar path:

  • Case evaluation — looking at the details to advise the client on possible options
  • Investigation — digging deeper to find out what happened, and determining an appropriate course of action
  • Demand and negotiation — we approach the other side to demand a resolution, often in tandem with filing suit, giving them a chance to negotiate a settlement out of court.
  • Litigating in court — if negotiations fail, we go to court to hold the other side accountable.

Between verdicts and out-of-court settlements, business litigation attorney, Mike McLachlan, has procured more than $100 million in recoveries for his clients. If you need expert legal representation in a business litigation case, call our offices today for an evaluation.

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