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Bicycles are popular in southern California. Many people ride their bikes for exercise or simply enjoy the beautiful weather in Carson, while others use them as alternative transportation, saving money on fuel costs while curbing carbon emissions. While bicycling can be enjoyable and healthy, it also poses inherent risks, especially when cycling near motor vehicle traffic. Suppose you or a loved one recently sustained injuries in a bicycle accident that a motorist in the Carson, CA, area caused. In that case, you need to know your legal options for recovering your damages.

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Legal Representation for Carson, CA, Bicycle Accident Victims

The attorneys at McLachlan Law, APC, can provide the comprehensive legal counsel you need after sustaining severe injuries in a bike accident. When a negligent driver has caused severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment and other economic losses, you should not be left to manage the aftermath out of your own pocket. A Carson bicycle accident attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Why Should I Hire a Carson Bicycle Accident Attorney?

Navigating any personal injury claim without an attorney is very risky. The average person with no legal training would likely make procedural errors with their claim, risking their recovery on a technicality. Even if they are successful, there is no guarantee they could recover as much compensation as an experienced Carson bicycle accident lawyer could have obtained on their behalf. If you are concerned about the potential cost of legal fees for your bicycle accident claim, it is vital to recognize the fact that you stand to lose much more if you attempt to handle your case on your own.

An experienced Carson bicycle accident attorney can help you approach your claim with greater confidence. While you rest and recover with peace of mind, your attorney will be handling the details of your case, ensuring you meet all court filing deadlines and other procedural requirements so your claim can proceed unimpeded. You can also rely on your attorney to help you calculate the full scope of your claimable damages, likely resulting in much more compensation than you initially expected. As a result, not only are you more likely to succeed with your bicycle accident claim with the help of an attorney, but you are also more likely to maximize your overall recovery.

Damages in a Bicycle Accident Claim

If a negligent driver hit you while riding your bike in the Carson, CA, area, you have the right to hold them accountable for all damages they cause. These damages may include:

  • Medical expenses. Many injuries from bicycle accidents in California are catastrophic, meaning they cause life-changing disabilities and medical complications for the victim. Therefore, you have the right to seek compensation for immediate medical expenses and the cost of any ongoing treatments you require.
  • Lost income. After a bicycle accident, it is likely that you will not be able to work until you recover. If your injuries are severe enough, you might not be able to work at all after your initial recovery. Your Carson bicycle accident lawyer will help you seek compensation for lost wages and lost earning potential resulting from the incident.
  • Property damage. Whenever a car strikes a bicyclist, the bicycle is likely to be damaged severely or beyond repair. In a personal injury claim in California, the plaintiff can seek repair or replacement costs for any personal property damaged or destroyed by the defendant’s actions.
  • Pain and suffering. California state law allows personal injury plaintiffs who suffer pain and mental distress to recover financial compensation. The amount the plaintiff receives hinges on how severe the injuries are and whether they face long-lasting medical complications.

After calculating your claimable damages with the help of a Carson bicycle accident attorney, you may be surprised to discover your claim is worth quite a bit more than you expected. When you choose McLachlan Law, APC, to represent you, we will help you explore every available recovery route to maximize your compensation.

Comparative Negligence in California Personal Injury Claims

If you intend to file any personal injury claim in California, it is vital to consider whether you bear any partial responsibility for causing the incident in question. This is because California uses a pure comparative negligence law that states a plaintiff may still claim compensation for damages if they bear partial fault for causing those damages, but they lose a percentage of the award that equals their percentage of fault for causing the incident. So, for example, if a bicyclist seeks $200,000 in damages, but a judge determines they are 25% at fault for causing the accident, they lose 25% or $50,000 of the case award to reflect their comparative negligence.

When you have concerns about comparative negligence coming into play in your bicycle accident claim, it is imperative to seek legal counsel from an experienced Carson bicycle accident attorney. Your legal team will help you uncover all available evidence that helps you establish liability for your damages and helps you avoid absorbing partial liability for your damages, thus improving your overall recovery.

Carson Bicycle Accident Attorney

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Bicycle accidents often have devastating effects, including painful injuries and long-lasting medical complications that interfere with the victim’s ability to work and live an enjoyable independent lifestyle. When a negligent driver has caused a bicycle accident with you or a loved one, it’s vital to secure the support and professional legal guidance you need to approach your case with confidence.

It’s natural to have concerns and questions about your legal options following a bicycle accident in Carson, CA. In addition, you may face expensive medical bills and additional economic pressure from the inability to work, and an experienced Carson personal injury attorney is the best asset to have in this challenging and stressful situation.

McLachlan Law, APC, has years of experience guiding our clients through very challenging personal injury claims, including those pertaining to bicycle accidents in the Carson, CA, area. If you wish to talk about your options for compensation after a bicycle accident, McLachlan Law, APC, is ready to assist you. Contact us today to set up a consultation with a compassionate Carson bicycle accident attorney and find out how we can assist in your recovery.

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