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While any motor vehicle accident can result in serious physical injury, those risks go up considerably when a truck or similar large vehicle is involved in the crash. Since commercial trucks weigh between 20-30 times as much as automobiles, the occupants of those cars comprise the vast majority of injuries and fatalities in accidents involving trucks. McLachlan Law has many years of experience representing injury victims of truck accidents.

Considerations with California Commercial Trucking Injury Accidents

Hermosa Beach Truck Crash

The process of obtaining a settlement with truck-related accidents is a bit more complex than the average auto accident where one driver causes the injuries of another. The reason is that there are more “moving parts” from a legal point of view. The driver of the truck may bear some liability for the accident, especially if he/she is the owner-operator. The trucking company may also bear responsibility if the accident occurred due to faulty equipment. In some cases, the accident may be caused by a defective condition of the truck itself, sometimes referred to as a product liability case. In addition, you may have to deal with one or more insurance companies. A skilled personal injury attorney will know how to follow these trails, determine who is at fault and who is liable, and file multiple claims, if necessary, to make sure you receive a fair recovery for your losses.

Types of Damages

Truck injury accident victims may be eligible to recover multiple types of damages, and your attorney will be able to determine the right amounts to ask for. These damages include:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses (present and future)
  • Cost to repair/replace your vehicle
  • Loss of use of your vehicle
  • Lost wages (depending on how long you are incapacitated)
  • Pain and suffering, both past and future
  • Emotional distress and other human losses arising from injuries.
  • Punitive damages (especially if the defendant demonstrated extreme negligence or malice)

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, it can be very helpful to consult with an experienced injury attorney. Please call McLachlan Law for a free case evaluation. We serve clients in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and throughout the South Bay area. 

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