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Hermosa Beach Car Accident

Of all the different types of personal injury accidents, auto accidents are the most common. It comes as little surprise; with more automobiles on the road now than ever before, there are roughly 6 million auto collisions in the United States each year—causing about 2.35 million injuries and 37,000 fatalities in the process. For nearly 25 years, personal injury attorney Mike McLachlan has been representing the interests of auto accident victims in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas, using skilled negotiation and litigation to ensure they receive the full compensation they deserve.

Damages We Can Recover

Hermosa Beach Car Accident Aftermath

As a victim of an auto accident injury where the other driver was at fault, you are legally eligible to receive the following damages:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses (present and future)
  • Cost to repair/replace your vehicle
  • Loss of use of your vehicle
  • Lost wages (depending on how long you are incapacitated)
  • Pain and suffering, both past and future
  • Emotional distress and other human losses arising from injuries.
  • Punitive damages (especially if the defendant demonstrated extreme negligence or malice)

McLachlan Law has helped hundreds of victims recover losses sustained in motor vehicle injury accidents. The firm is known for its responsive service, regular communication with clients, superior trial preparation and cutting-edge courtroom presentation. Call our office for a free case evaluation. (310) 446-8923

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