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Hermosa Beach Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are arguably fun to ride, not to mention they are a cheap form of transportation. But when a motorcycle is involved in an accident, the results can be devastating. Since motorcycles are light and offer virtually no protection, nearly 80 percent of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death to the rider, according to Federal Government.

If you survive a motorcycle crash, chances are you’re facing a lot of medical attention and an extended recovery time. And if the accident is someone else’s fault, you need a skilled personal injury protecting your interests, in court, if necessary. Hermosa and Redondo Beach Personal Injury Attorney Mike McLachlan understands the complexities of motorcycle injury cases, and he has helped many victims navigate their personal recoveries and obtain fair compensation for their losses.

Challenges with South Bay California Motorcycle Injury Accidents

Hermosa Beach Motorcycle Crash

Although the law provides the same rights to compensation for motorcycle accident victims as for victims of other motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents come with their own set of legal challenges to receiving fair compensation. Here’s why:

  • It is more difficult to prove fault or negligence. Motorcycles are lighter than automobiles, more unstable on the road, and more difficult for drivers to see. They are also more susceptible to road hazards like uneven surfaces, slick spots and debris, all of which have nothing to do with the driver of the other vehicle. Insurance companies and their attorneys are far more likely to try and use these factors to lessen their client’s liability.
  • Your injuries are probably more significant. In other words, you may be looking at higher costs for treatment, more lost wages and longer recovery times than the average accident victim.

Taken together, these factors can make motorcycle cases particularly challenging, but with a knowledgeable injury attorney the results in a motorcycle case can be excellent.

What Our Accident Lawyers Do

For our clients who have been wrongfully injured in a motorcycle accident, we do a full evaluation of the facts surrounding the accident, consulting police reports and forensic evidence as well as doing our own investigation. We look at the total amount of loss you’ve sustained, from medical expenses to lost income to pain and suffering, to determine fair compensation. We then negotiate with the defendant’s insurance company to get a fair settlement—and if they resist negotiations, we litigate the case in court.

McLachlan Law has a solid track record of success with motorcycle personal injury claims. The firm is known for its responsive service, regular communication with clients, superior trial preparation and cutting-edge courtroom presentation. For a free case evaluation, call our office today. (310) 954-8270

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