Dogs are incredibly popular pets in the United States, and many families consider their dogs to be family members. Unfortunately, not everyone has a positive experience with dogs. Some dogs may cause severe injuries to people without prompting or warning. While most people acknowledge the danger of dog bites, a dog attack often entails more than just biting injuries. If you or a loved one experience any kind of dog attack, you should know your legal options and the value of securing legal counsel as soon as possible.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

A Hermosa Beach dog bite attorney can provide you with the best chance of securing compensation for your injuries after experiencing a dog attack. Your claim may appear straightforward at first, but many dog attacks result in complex injuries that require substantial recovery time and affect victims’ lives in unpredictable ways. An experienced Hermosa Beach dog bite lawyer can review your injuries’ medical report resulting from the attack. With that information, they will ensure as much compensation as possible for the medical expenses and other damages you are likely to incur from the incident.

Attempting to secure a recovery on your own without legal counsel is very risky, even when liability seems clear. You could overlook potential damages you could claim and wind up accepting a far lower settlement than you should. A Hermosa Beach dog bite attorney can ensure you maximize the recovery you obtain from your legal action.

Potential Injuries from a Dog Attack

Biting injuries are the most obvious possible injury one might experience from a dog attack, but a bite may not be the worst injury that results from such an incident:

  • Very large dogs can easily knock a full-grown adult off their feet, potentially causing serious injuries from hitting the ground. It is not uncommon for incidents like these to cause broken bones, head trauma, and even spinal injuries.
  • Dogs’ teeth and claws can be quite sharp, causing lacerations that may require stitches or surgical treatment to repair. Some deep cuts and scratches may even cause nerve damage that results in a loss of sensation.
  • When dogs’ teeth and claws break the skin, there is a risk of infection, especially if the victim does not seek prompt medical attention. An infection can progress rapidly and turn fatal without appropriate treatment.
  • Dogs with powerful jaws can cause crushing injuries to victims. For example, if a dog bites down hard enough on a victim’s hand, damage could be serious. It could crush the bones with compound fractures, potentially resulting in permanent loss of function for the victim.
  • Secondary injuries, like falls from dog attacks, can result in catastrophic injuries. For example, a head injury caused by a dog knocking a person to the ground may cause permanent cognitive impairment or other neurological disorders.

For many dog attack victims, biting injuries are the least of their concerns. In addition to these secondary physical injuries possible in a dog attack, the experience can also be incredibly traumatic for the victim. It is common for dog attack victims to develop symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and some develop anxiety around dogs or intense fear of dogs after these experiences.

Maximizing Recovery From a Dog Attack Claim

If you or a loved one suffer injuries of any kind in a dog attack, talk with our firm. A Hermosa Beach dog bite attorney is your best possible asset if you intend to maximize the compensation you receive from a personal injury claim. California upholds a strict liability statute regarding dog attacks, so the owner of the dog that attacked you is strictly liable for any injuries and other damages their pet caused. A Hermosa Beach dog bite lawyer will help you determine the full scope of the damages you can claim in your civil action.

There are few defenses available to a dog owner whose pet has injured someone. If the victim were lawfully present at the location where the attack occurred, the owner is strictly liable for all resulting damages. This is true regardless of whether the owner knew the dog could attack. However, dog owners are not liable for injuries their dogs cause to intruders or trespassers on their private property.

If you have experienced a dog attack of any kind, McLachlan Law, APC can help you determine the swiftest path to recovery from your losses. We will review the damages you have incurred and help establish liability for them so you can have peace of mind as you recover. Contact us today to schedule a case review with a compassionate and knowledgeable Hermosa Beach dog bite attorney who will help you understand your legal options and what to expect in your case.