What Is Compton, California Best Known For?

When it comes to Compton, it is hard not to immediately associate the city with the popular hip hop film, “Straight Outta Compton.” As the movie suggests, the city has a complicated past. However, its rich history and ideal location have made it a destination city for many. Its

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What Is Carson, California Known For?

Just like most places, Carson, California, has unique attractions that make the area great. As a close neighbor to Los Angeles, Carson provides a quieter, small-town feel to people who want access to a big city without living in it. Though the commute to downtown LA is only about

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Where Are Pedestrian Accidents Most Likely to Occur?

Pedestrian accidents tend to be some of the most damaging motor vehicle accidents when it comes to the injuries the victim experiences. Since a pedestrian has little to no protection from crash impact forces, catastrophic and fatal injuries are very likely, especially when the driver hits the pedestrian at

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How Do Pedestrian Accidents Happen?

A pedestrian accident occurs when a driver of a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian. These pedestrian accidents occur for several reasons, and most pedestrian accidents ultimately lead to personal injury claims or wrongful death claims depending on whether the victim survives. Drivers must understand how pedestrian accidents happen so

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What Is the Abbreviation for Motor Vehicle Accident?

Understanding Unique Insurance Terminology for Motor Vehicle Accidents If you ever experience a motor vehicle accident, filing an insurance claim will likely be one of the first steps you take toward recovering your losses. Insurance companies throughout the United States use many different acronyms and abbreviations in their documentation.

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What Are Motor Vehicle Injuries?

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of accidental injuries and deaths throughout the United States. Any car accident can cause injuries or deaths, and all drivers should know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to navigating car accident claims. If you or a loved one sustains an

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What Is the Most Common Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents?

What Is the Number One Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents? Motor vehicle accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States. These accidents occur for many reasons, but the most common cause of motor vehicle accidents in recent years is

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Important Statistics About Car Accidents in Torrance, CA

Car accidents continue to be a leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries all over the country. Torrance, CA is no exception. Local drivers must acknowledge the risk of motor vehicle accidents in the area and take appropriate steps to prevent such accidents from occurring. While the following statistics

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in California

The State of California had over 3,300 fatal car accidents in 2017 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. California roads can be dangerous, as many of them are narrow, hard to maneuver, and carry millions of vehicles every day. Here are the top 5 most dangerous roads in

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