Car accidents continue to be a leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries all over the country. Torrance, CA is no exception. Local drivers must acknowledge the risk of motor vehicle accidents in the area and take appropriate steps to prevent such accidents from occurring. While the following statistics can help Torrance, CA drivers better understand the risk level of driving in the area, an attorney is the best available resource for anyone considering legal action after a car accident caused by someone else.

2017 Accident Statistics

Various government agencies at the state and federal levels produce reports covering previous years’ traffic accident data. The most recently published data covers 2017. Some essential statistics Torrance, CA drivers should know are:

  • During the 2017 calendar year, there were only ten fatal accidents in Torrance, CA. When a fatal accident occurs, the driver responsible can absorb liability for a wrongful death claim filed by the victim’s surviving loved ones.
  • The fatal accidents recorded for 2017 involved 28 separate vehicles and 38 individuals. It is not uncommon for fatal accidents to involve multiple vehicles but only result in a single death while other individuals involved sustain treatable injuries.
  • Despite the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol continues to be a leading cause of fatal accidents in the US, there were no recorded DUI accident fatalities for Torrance in 2017.
  • Four of the fatal motor vehicle accidents recorded in Torrance in 2017 involved pedestrians. When pedestrians are struck by motor vehicles, the chance of catastrophic injury or death is very high.

These numbers may seem relatively low, but the reality is that any car accident can have devastating consequences for those involved. If you are ever involved in a motor vehicle accident in the Torrance, CA area, have our number ready. We know what to do immediately afterward for the best chance of securing a recovery for your losses.

What to Do After a Car Accident in Torrance

Your first steps after any motor vehicle accident in Torrance are crucial. Report the accident if you are able, wait for the police to arrive, and try to obtain as much evidence as possible from the crash site with your phone’s camera. These photos can be incredibly helpful to future legal action.

It is also important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident. This will create a formal record showing you sought immediate medical treatment in case you need to prove your injuries later in an insurance claim or legal battle. Connecting with an attorney is a good idea at this point. Your legal representative can assist you with an insurance claim and help you explore other legal options if necessary.

If you recently suffered injuries and economic losses due to a negligent driver in Torrance, CA, the attorneys at McLachlan Law, APC are ready to assist in your recovery. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you with a car accident claim in Torrance.