The State of California had over 3,300 fatal car accidents in 2017 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. California roads can be dangerous, as many of them are narrow, hard to maneuver, and carry millions of vehicles every day. Here are the top 5 most dangerous roads in California from 2010-2016.

1. I-5

The I-5 is the most dangerous section of highway in the State of California with a total of 768 total fatalities during 2010-2016. This translates into approximately 1.2 car accidents for every mile of highway. This highway experiences extremely heavy traffic, and is considered one of the least beautiful, which may account for why drivers simply zone out and fail to remain aware of their surroundings. This highway is considered the fourth most dangerous highway in all of the U.S.

2. US – 101

The US-101 in California had a total of 643 fatalities, making it the second most dangerous road. This highway is the 16th most dangerous highway in America.

3. SR-99

The SR-99 caused 461 fatalities on this state highway running through Kern County. This state highway is considered the 43rd most dangerous highway in the U.S.

4. I-8

The I-8 in San Diego County, California saw 145 fatalities during the time period of 2010-2016. This highway is the 39th most deadly highway in America.

5. SR-78

State highway SR-78 had 75 deaths in the same time period. While that may not seem like many, the highway is only 215 miles long (compared to the I-5 which stretches out over 800 miles). This highway is considered the 49th most dangerous highway in the U.S.


While not in the top five in California, or in the top 50 most dangerous highways in the U.S., the SR-2 experienced 52 car accidents resulting in 54 fatalities, again with a short distance of 87 miles. This averages to 1.7 crashes per mile of highway.

California Highway Facts

While these are the most dangerous stretches of highway in the State of California, with Californians traveling over 353 billion miles every year, accidents are an unfortunate fact of life in this state. In fact, based on NHTSA data and research, the State of California has more than nine fatalities due to car accidents per every 100,000 people. With so many drivers on the roadways, car accidents are inevitable and unfortunately, injuries and death occur with far too much frequency due to negligent drivers.

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