If you were involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you likely suffered some form of physical injury. Due to your injuries, you may be facing astronomical medical bills, pain and suffering and the inability to return to work and lost wages. If you were involved in a serious accident that resulted in serious personal injuries, you may have the right to receive additional compensation. The following are different types of personal injuries that are considered serious and severe and will impact the life of the victim, possibly permanently.

Traumatic Head Injury

While some head injuries are not considered as severe, such as minor whiplash, there are other traumatic brain injuries that can lead to permanent damage or even death. These severe cases can include placing someone into a coma, extended hospitalization, multiple surgeries. In some instances, the result will be brain damage or even death.


Whenever a body part or limb needs to be removed as a result of an accident, this will obviously negatively impact the victim for the rest of their lives. The consequences can be physical as well as emotional, and the loss of a major limb can directly impact the victim’s ability to work and make a livelihood for their family. Additionally, depending on which body part needs to be amputated, the victim may not be able to carry out everyday functions without assistance.

Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

Oftentimes, spinal cord injuries can be minor resulting in some pain for a few days or weeks. However, in other cases, the spinal cord injury can be so serious that the victim suffers from some sort of paralysis permanently. Even minor tissue damage to the cervical spine could have serious and permanent consequences. Even if the spinal cord is not injured, there can be serious injuries to the back that can result in paralysis. In any of these cases, the victim’s life will be permanently affected, and the victim may face a lifetime of medical and physical support.

Birth Injuries

One of the most serious types of personal injury occurs during what should be one of the happiest occasions of a person’s life. Birth injuries to either the mother or newborn child can be life-threatening or cause permanent damage. Even if a child survives the birth injury, there may be a substantial and serious impact on their lives due to a resulting medical condition that creates a lifetime of medical complications.

Wrongful Death

The worst and most severe personal injury are, of course, when a victim loses their life. The impact of this event can devastate a family both emotionally and financially.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

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