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There are around 400,000 US civil court case filings for personal injury claims each year, and 25,000 of those occur in The Golden State. The most common personal injury claims involve car accidents, slipping and falling, medical malpractice, dog bites, product liability, and workplace accidents. Most victims of any one of these personal injuries or any other type of less common personal injuries are entitled to compensation for damages incurred as a result of the injury. However, many of these victims often don’t know how to go about receiving the compensation owed to them.

If you think you may be owed compensation for damages incurred due to a personal injury that was the fault of someone else in Compton, CA, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer like McLachlan Law, APC. Each year, we represent hundreds of victims of personal injuries in recovering millions of dollars in settlements, and we can do the same for your potential Compton personal injury claim.

Experienced Compton Personal Injury Representation

Our personal injury law firm has an impressive track record in personal injury settlements. While settling outside of court via our carefully planned strategy of negotiating is ideal, we are also well prepared to represent our clients in the event their case goes to trial. Consequently, we have a high success rate of personal injury trials, as we face every case with aggressive litigation skills and have 25 years of experience in Compton personal injury cases backing us. Additionally, we leverage our thorough understanding and knowledge of the law to bring the greatest potential outcomes for our clients.

Compton Personal Injury Attorney

What Is Personal Injury?

A claim of personal injury can arise from a variety of different situations, which is why it is wise to consult with an experienced Compton personal injury attorney to find out if you have a legitimate personal injury case. Basically, for personal injury cases to be heard by the court, the injury incurred by an individual must have been the result of the negligent actions of someone else or a company. Below are some of the most common types of personal injury claims.

  • Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury claims in the state. These can include collisions between two or more vehicles, including tractor-trailer trucks, accidents involving pedestrians or bicyclists, and accidents caused by drunk or distracted drivers, among others.
  • Tripping or slipping and falling can happen anywhere, from grocery stores and restaurants to private homes and public spaces. Property owners have a legal duty to maintain safe premises and can be held liable for injuries caused by dangerous conditions like wet floors or uneven surfaces.
  • Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional fails to provide appropriate care to a patient, resulting in injury or death. This can include misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication errors, birth injuries, and other types of injuries.
  • Dog bites can cause serious injuries, including infections, scarring, and disfigurement. California law holds dog owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their pets in most cases.
  • Product liability cases arise when a defective or dangerous product causes injury or death. This can include defective car parts, dangerous drugs or medical devices, and faulty consumer products, among other things.
  • Workplace accidents are another common type of personal injury. Compton workers can file workers’ compensation claims for injuries that occur on the job, such as construction accidents, falls from heights, repetitive stress injuries, and other types of work-related injuries.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

State law allows individuals to report personal injuries and file claims themselves. Additionally, they may hire a private personal injury attorney to assist them in navigating the complexities of the court and represent them if their case goes to trial. Victims of personal injury who do hire attorneys find the process to be less stressful, and cases with private representation tend to come with a higher settlement payout and more favorable outcome.

A Compton personal injury attorney can do the following:

  • Negotiating a settlement can be a complex and challenging process. Your personal injury lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to get a fair settlement for damages. They can also help you avoid common mistakes that can hurt your case.
  • Personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience of past cases to evaluate your case and determine what it’s worth. They know the factors that affect the value of a case, and they can help you understand your rights and legal options.
  • An attorney can protect your rights throughout the litigation and the negotiation process. They can help you avoid signing any agreements or waivers that could hurt your case. They can also advise you on whether to accept a settlement offer or take your case to trial.
  • A qualified attorney can navigate the process, meet imperative deadlines, and explain the laws to you while keeping you informed of the progress in your case. Their knowledge and experience can make the process as smooth as possible for you.
  • Attorneys have access to resources that can help strengthen your case. For example, they can hire professionals to analyze evidence, gather witness statements, and provide testimony in court. They can also use their network of contacts to gather the information that can help support your case.

What Types of Damages Do Personal Injury Settlements Cover?

This is not an exhaustive list, and not every personal injury victim receives the same compensation. Settlements can include both economic and non-economic restitution. Some common types of damages are listed below.

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of future wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Adaptive technology expenses
  • Home modifications and retrofit expenses
  • In-home care expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Quality of life adjustments
  • Damage to property

How Long Do I Have to File a Compton Personal Injury Claim?

State law defines the statute of limitations for personal injuries as two years. This means that after two years from the date of the injury, a claim on that event is no longer eligible for legal review. However, if the injury wasn’t immediately known, the statute of limitations would be one year from the date the victim became aware of the injury.

In cases of claims made against the government or an agency of the government, it gets a bit more complicated. An administrative claim must first be filed, after which said the agency is required to respond with a denial letter within 45 days. The plaintiff then has six months to file a claim. If there is no denial notification, the plaintiff has two years to file a claim, though this timeframe is not guaranteed. However, it can get tricky if there are extenuating circumstances such as mail forwarding or other complications that may impede the denial claim from reaching a plaintiff within 45 days, thus making it hard to determine the exact deadline to file a claim.
This is just one way an injury attorney can be imperative to your case involving personal injury. The simplest way to know you are filing within the proper time window is to enlist the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows the system and understands the law and how to navigate such intricacies as these.

How Can I Find a Good Compton Personal Injury Lawyer?

Finding a good Compton personal injury lawyer can be a daunting task, but there are several things you can do to make the process easier and ensure you hire an adequate attorney. Below are some tips to help you find a good Compton personal injury lawyer:

  • Do your research—Start by researching personal injury lawyers in Compton. You can search online, ask for referrals from friends and family, or check with your local bar association.
  • Check credentials—Look for lawyers who have extensive experience in personal injury law and who have a good track record of winning cases.
  • Read reviews—Look for reviews from previous clients. Reading what others have to say can help you get a sense of a lawyer’s communication skills, responsiveness, and overall approach to handling cases.
  • Schedule consultations—Schedule consultations with at least a few lawyers. During these consultations, ask about their experience, their approach to handling cases, and their fees.
  • Consider communication style—Pay attention to how well the lawyer communicates with you during the consultation. You want a lawyer who will keep you informed and who will be responsive to your questions and concerns.
  • Understand fees—Ask about the lawyer’s fees, the contingency fee, and court costs. Make sure you understand how the lawyer’s fee structure works before you hire them.

Compton Personal Injury Lawyers FAQs:

Q: How Long Does It Take to Settle Personal Injury Cases in Compton?

A: While there is no average timeframe, most Compton personal injury cases take anywhere from six months to three years. Once the final verdict is reached or settlement is agreed upon, it typically takes from two to six weeks to receive compensation for your case.

Q: How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Make?

A: Attorneys receive a contingency fee for personal injury cases, which means they are not paid until their client receives their settlement payment. This amount can vary from anywhere between 20% and 45% of their client’s final awarded amount. While this is convenient for most clients who cannot afford legal services upfront, it often results in lawyer fees that surpass the amount a lawyer would be paid at their typical hourly rate when cases are settled quickly. However, in cases that drag on, this can be an advantage to the client compared to the hourly rate for attorney services.

Q: What Is the Average Payment for a Compton Personal Injury Case?

A: It is difficult to provide an average payment for personal injury cases in California as the amount of compensation varies widely depending on the specific circumstances of the case. The amount of compensation will depend on factors such as the severity of the injuries, the extent of the damages suffered, the defendant’s liability, and the insurance coverage available. In some cases, the compensation awarded can be significant, while in other cases, the compensation may be relatively modest.

Q: Do All Personal Injuries Cases Go To Trial?

A: No. In fact, only about 4% of personal injury claims see a need for a trial with a jury verdict. The rest of these cases are settled outside of court. Cases that do go to trial usually do so because the defendant’s attorney believes they will win the case, the insurance company of the defendant doesn’t want to settle because future plaintiffs will expect them to settle, or the insurance company believes the amount the plaintiff is requesting is too high.

Q: How Can I Get the Maximum Settlement Amount for My Personal Injuries?

A: The way to optimize the outcome of any personal injury claim is to have a professional personal injury lawyer represent you in your case. An attorney is your finest asset when going up against insurance companies and corporations that are guaranteed to have quality legal representation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will not only fight for and negotiate an optimal compensation award, but they can also ease the stress of the complicated court system. When a plaintiff does not have a lawyer, the defense will try anything to take advantage of the situation. When a lawyer is present, however, there is no place for unfairness or opportunities to pull a fast one.

Reliable Personal Injury Attorney in Compton

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or irresponsible actions and think you have a case for a personal injury case, the personal injury law firm of McLachlan Law, APC would like to hear from you. Contact an experienced injury lawyer at our firm to determine if your case is suitable for a personal injury settlement. We can answer any questions you have regarding your case, your potential outcome, or our legal services and fees. You have a better chance of success in your personal injury claim if you employ legal services like those provided by our personal injury attorneys.

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