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A personal injury can lead to substantial financial losses, severe pain, and a long recovery process. In some cases, a personal injury is so devastating that the losses seem incalculable. If you or a loved one recently experienced a catastrophic injury in the Redondo Beach area due to another party’s negligent actions, it’s vital to understand your rights when it comes to pursuing compensation for your losses.

The right Redondo Beach catastrophic injury lawyer can make a tremendous impact on the outcome of your claim. Whenever you are dealing with extreme injuries in a personal injury lawsuit, it’s vital to assess damages as fully as possible and to explore every potential route to compensation. At McLachlan Law, APC, we have years of experience handling complicated personal injury cases, including those involving life-altering injuries.

Why Hire an Attorney?

You might think that liability is clear in your personal injury case and that you should have no trouble navigating your claim without professional legal representation. Unfortunately, this is likely not the case, as any personal injury matter can quickly evolve into a very complex legal battle. It’s also difficult to navigate the court’s rules for filing and paperwork, especially when you are dealing with recovery from a catastrophic injury or helping your loved one recover.

Hiring a Redondo Beach catastrophic injury attorney means you can focus on healing while your legal advocate pursues compensation for your damages with a personal injury lawsuit. Your attorney will ensure your case meets all procedural requirements with the Redondo Beach civil court system. They will also connect with professional experts who may be able to testify on your behalf during your case. When you need a Redondo beach personal injury attorney with the skills and experience to handle a catastrophic injury case successfully, look no further than McLachlan Law, APC.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Attorney Mike McLachlan and the legal team at McLachlan Law, APC have successfully represented many catastrophic injury lawsuits in Redondo Beach thanks to our unwavering commitment to client recovery. We understand that a catastrophic injury to you or a loved one can not only entail extreme pain and suffering but also place a heavy financial burden on your family. When the future seems uncertain and you are not sure how to address the party responsible for your catastrophic injury claim, contact us. The team at McLachlan Law, APC will do everything in our power to help you approach the legal process with confidence.

Attorney McLachlan has more than 25 years of professional experience in civil law. Over the years, our firm has handled many difficult personal injury claims, securing substantial recoveries for our clients. When you choose our firm to represent your catastrophic injury claim, you can rest assured, we will exhaust every opportunity to secure additional compensation for your losses and build the most compelling possible case from the facts in play.

Damages and Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

The goal of a personal injury lawsuit under California law is to provide compensation to the victim of a personal injury. The vast majority of personal injury lawsuits pertain to damages such as medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and property damage. Catastrophic injury claims are a bit different because of the way these damages can apply to the specifics of the case:

  • California law allows a personal injury plaintiff to receive compensation for all of the medical expenses resulting from the defendant’s negligence, both present and future. This means that if a plaintiff’s injuries will require multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation, the plaintiff may claim these future expenses as well in their personal injury case. A catastrophic injury may require costly immediate treatment as well as long-term care, including 24-hour in-home care, restorative therapies, and psychological counseling.
  • When a personal injury forces the victim to stay home from work as they recover, the wages lost during that time may become damages in their personal injury claim. Many catastrophic injuries cause permanent damage. In the event a victim is unable to resume their previous job or work at all due to the damage from their catastrophic injury, a Redondo Beach catastrophic injury attorney can help them secure compensation for their lost future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering compensation tends to be more substantial in catastrophic injury cases. California allows a plaintiff to receive compensation for physical pain, emotional trauma, and psychological suffering caused by a defendant’s actions. Either the parties involved in the case negotiate an appropriate amount of pain and suffering compensation privately, or a judge will oversee the case and deliver a ruling based on their interpretation of the case. Pain and suffering compensation may be a multiple of the plaintiff’s claimed medical expenses, or it may entail continuous payments from the defendant until the plaintiff reaches maximum medical improvement. Ultimately, this can be one of the most difficult parts of a catastrophic injury case.

Catastrophic injuries are life-changing injuries. Defendants responsible for causing such damages should expect to pay dearly for their negligence under California law. A Redondo Beach catastrophic injury lawyer is your best resource when you are unsure about your legal options following a catastrophic injury.

Recovering from Your Catastrophic Injury

Whether you or your loved one suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis, a brain injury causing permanent neurological damage, or a severe illness that created a permanent medical complication that diminishes your quality of life, you have resources. Seek legal counsel from a Redondo Beach personal injury attorney as soon as possible. California allows a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims, starting on the date the injury occurred. It’s essential to start the legal process quickly, so your attorney has adequate time to fully investigate every facet of your case.

Recovery from your catastrophic injury may seem uncertain at first. Some extreme injuries have unpredictable effects that can take months to manifest, and the full economic impact of your catastrophic injury can seem impossible to measure while you’re still reeling from your experiences. Allow the team at McLachlan Law, APC to handle your legal concerns so you and your loved ones can focus on recovery. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation with an experienced Redondo Beach catastrophic injury lawyer.

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