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Large trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles are mainstays of the American economy, transporting billions of dollars in goods all over the country every day. Many communities in America rely on truck shipping to receive goods at their local stores. Those trucking companies have a professional responsibility to handle their job duties safely and professionally. Unfortunately, truck accidents happen on a regular basis in Redondo Beach and throughout California. These accidents are typically more dangerous than auto accidents between smaller passenger vehicles due to the sheer size of these commercial vehicles.
A completely packed 18-wheeler could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and stand nearly 14 feet off the road’s surface, dwarfing every passenger vehicle on the road aside from some large touring buses. These vehicles may be staples of the American economy, but when they cause accidents, the damage can be devastating. If you or someone you love recently experienced a truck accident in Redondo Beach, a truck accident lawyer can help you determine who is responsible for the accident and your legal options for recovery.

Why Hire McLachlan Law, APC?

The attorneys at McLachlan Law, APC, have successfully handled truck accident lawsuits in the Redondo Beach area for many years. Attorney Mike McLachlan has more than 24 years of experience in personal injury law, including truck accident claims. Our legal team understands that these claims are typically very complex, and liability isn’t always immediately clear.

When we accept a new client for a truck accident claim, we take the time to fully investigate every aspect of the claim, including interviewing witnesses, securing traffic cameras and CCTV footage, and inspecting physical evidence from the crash scene. We fully explore all compensation options open to our clients to help them maximize recovery after a personal injury. If you need an experienced Redondo Beach truck accident attorney, our firm is here to help.

Common Causes of Truck Accident Lawsuits

Whenever a truck accident happens in the Redondo Beach area, it’s vital to determine who bears liability for the accident. The two most obvious liable parties are the individual driver of the truck responsible for the accident or the driver’s employer. However, modern shipping processes are very complex, and liability could fall to a different party or multiple parties.

The cause of the truck accident typically informs one as to where liability for the accident falls:

  • If a truck driver operates their vehicle under the influence, drives aggressively, speeds, or engages in risky behavior while driving as part of their job duties, these behaviors fall outside the scope of typical negligence; liability may solely fall on the driver. Some behaviors, such as driving under the influence of alcohol, may lead to criminal penalties in addition to civil liabilities from any damages their impaired driving caused.
  • Truck drivers may also cause accidents through moving violations, such as failing to signal for lane changes or making an improper turn and disrupting the flow of traffic. Liability for accidents borne of typical negligence may fall to a negligent driver or their employer, especially if there is any evidence the employer failed to properly vet and train the driver.
  • If a mechanical issue in the truck caused a truck accident, then liability for resulting damages might fall to the manufacturer. However, if a specific party was responsible for performing maintenance on the vehicle and failed to do so, that party may be held liable for the accident’s damages.
  • In the event poor road conditions directly cause a truck accident, liability would logically fall to the party responsible for maintaining the road. This party is typically a government entity, so you cannot expect the same legal process as filing a lawsuit against a private individual or company. Filing a lawsuit against a government agency isn’t always possible. If you need assistance with a claim against the government of California or the federal government, it’s vital to speak with a Redondo Beach truck accident attorney as quickly as possible to determine your legal options.
  • Improperly loaded cargo can mean an unbalanced load while driving. Tractor-trailers have higher centers of gravity than most passenger vehicles, so they are more vulnerable to tip-overs and rollovers when balance becomes an issue. The party responsible for the safe loading of the truck could bear liability if an imbalanced load causes a truck accident.
  • Third parties can also cause truck accidents by their actions on the road. If another private driver caused a truck accident that injured you or a loved one, your Redondo Beach truck accident lawyer can help. With their guidance, you determine responsibility for your damages and hold the appropriate party accountable with a personal injury claim.

Truck accident claims can be incredibly damaging, so determining liability is essential for any truck accident victim who wants to recover their losses. When liability is unclear, the right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the claim.

Damages and Compensation in a Redondo Beach Truck Accident Claim

California law allows plaintiffs of personal injury claims to procure several types of compensation. The law aims to fully compensate a victim’s losses, but determining the exact value of a legal claim can be difficult in some situations. Experienced legal counsel can help a truck accident victim determine who is to blame for their losses and accurately determine the full cost of those losses.

Truck accidents often involve multiple vehicles and commonly occur on highways where speed limits are higher. These accidents can result in broken bones, brain injuries, spinal damage, and fatal injuries. Some of these injuries may require multiple surgeries to correct. Sadly, some truck accident victims sustain permanently damaging injuries that prevent them from working or living independently in the future. Smaller passenger vehicles also often sustain serious damage in truck accidents, often totaling the injured driver’s vehicle along with their other losses.

Why Hire a Redondo Beach Truck Accident Attorney?

A truck accident lawsuit can help an injured driver recover their medical expenses, lost income, and property damage losses as well as compensation for their physical pain and psychological suffering. A truck accident is a very traumatic experience that may lead to long-term difficulties with driving. Hiring an experienced Redondo Beach truck accident lawyer is the best way to ensure maximum compensation after a truck accident in the area.

At McLachlan Law, APC, our legal team will thoroughly investigate your truck accident claim and help you build the strongest possible case in pursuit of compensation for your injuries. We are not afraid to deal with big trucking companies or their attorneys and will do everything we can to maximize your recovery from your truck accident claim. Contact our firm today to schedule a case review with an experienced Redondo Beach truck accident lawyer.

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